The Contour Story

Who are Contour?

Contour, formerly known as VholdR, is a market leader in hands-free video cameras and adventure storytelling tools that enable modern day explorers to tell their stories of action, adventure and travel through video. Leading the way in making action video easy to shoot and share, Contour is dedicated to creating simple tools that enable hands-free capture and effortless sharing of video online with the world.

The Contour Story ..

Contour began in 2004 when two undergraduate students and avid skiers, Marc Barros and Jason Green, devised a simple helmet camera to record their exploits. The duo wanted to share video of the thrills and spills of their downhill skiing adventures with their friends and family, but they couldn't. The frozen mountaintop was a grueling and unforgiving environment for video camcorders. Besides, when you're zooming downhill, crashing through trees with ski poles in your hands, it's just not possible to hold a camera.

The two friends began building and selling their original product, the Twenty20 Helmet Camera, at a chilly warehouse outside of Seattle, Washington. Over the years Contour has introduced a series of innovations to make storytelling easier for outdoor enthusiasts.

Twenty20 Helmet Camera V1 - The first CMOS sensor helmet camera and the first to be powered by a 9-volt battery pack, capturing 16 hours of power (all competing cameras on the market required 4-8 AA batteries).

Twenty20 Helmet Camera V2 - A brand new CMOS image sensor was introduced with a single wiring harness so users had one power button and one cable running from the lens to the camcorder.

VholdR - The company introduced the first shoot and share wearable camcorder. The award-winning VholdR (2008 CES Innovations Award and 2008 Business Week IDEA Bronze Medal) introduced recording to a microSD memory card, an iconic single button to record, lasers for alignment, a click to share online experience, and an online international adventure sports community.

ContourHD - The Company introduced the worlds first HD and 1080p hands-free video cameras in 2009. The ability to capture video in High Definition, record 8 hours of HD video on a single memory card, shoot video with a wide angle lens, and use software to share HD video, was again leading the market.

ContourGPS - Contour is again leading the hands-free camera market with the introduction of ContourGPS, the first hands-free video camera to incorporate real-time GPS data while shooting high-definition, 1080p video. To complement this new GPS camera, Contour is launching a unique location-based video community that allows users to share their stories, track adventures and discover new places.

Contour+ - Contour introduces the next progression in Hands-Free Video. The Contour+ creates the most affordable way to give pro-sumers, broadcast, and filmmakers everything they need to tell incredibly rich stories from right within the action. Expanded field of vision, live HDMI streaming, and built-in Bluetooth are just a few of the features that make Contour+ the new standard for next generation, high quality, hands-free cameras.

ContourROAM - Introduces the easiest, most versatile video camera on the market. The companies first waterproof camera that also features a super wide-angle 170-degree rotating lens that lets explorers record their adventures effortlessly. The ContourROAM also include an Instant On-Record Switch enabling users to instantly record so there's no question whether the camera is on/recording or not.