Contour+ Waterproof Case

With this wrapped around your Contour+ you can take your filming exploits to a whole new level - water will no longer be a problem

The Contour Waterproof Cases fit your Contour Camera like a hard, plastic glove. Slide your Contour Camera in, enable the dual safety latches, and you're ready to capture all your water-based adventures. Keep your camera safe from the elements while retaining the same easy to use functions - a single record button, laser alignment, and TRail mounting system. Watertight to 60 meters and bouyant.

+Easy to use, even with gloves on

+Watertight to 60 meters

PLEASE NOTE: This is for the Contour+ Camera only and is NOT Compatible with the ContourGPS cameras.
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£32.99 incl VAT
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